Week 4 Assignment


Evaluation of the “Fun Run” Fundraiser

for Thatcher Elementary


Submitted To:  Pat Manucci, Principal

Submitted By:  Tara Sells













The main goal for this fundraiser is to raise money for all grade levels, Kindergarten through 4th, to use for things like technology, field trips, class projects, and supplies.  More specifically, this year, the school is saving up for an electronic reader board.  The goal for this year is to raise $11,000.  In order to meet that goal, each class is encouraged to raise $300.

Program Description

Thatcher Elementary is a Title One school located in a small, rural town in Idaho with a population of 2,700.  There is one elementary, one middle school, and one high school.  The elementary consists of Kindergarten through 4th Grade and the enrollment is currently at 400.

There have been several fundraisers held in the past, but this will be the tenth consecutive year that the “Fun Run” will take place.  The “Fun Run” Fundraiser is the only fundraiser that Thatcher Elementary holds.  It is held once a year and all money earned goes directly to the elementary school.  A few teachers perform a skit in front of the entire elementary explaining everything to the students.  Every student is then given a “Fun Run” packet and asked to get donations.  There are several different ways for the students to earn prizes which include top grade-level earner, the top two overall classrooms that earn the most money, finishing in the top three in the mile run, every student who earns $75 gets a milkshake from a local diner, every classroom that earns the goal of $300 gets an ice cream sundae party, and if the goal of raising a total of $11,000 is met, the P.E. teacher will slide into a pool of whip cream.

There is a parent committee that meets and organizes the entire fundraiser.  The committee chair meets with the principal, Pat Manucci.  There are typically about 6 different face to face planning meetings that last anywhere from 1 hour to 4 hours depending on the work that needs done.  The planning is cyclical, happening year-round.  The committee is looking for student prizes and ideas for different rewards.  Typically, the parent committee includes parents of students at the elementary.  Since committee personnel changes happen, training takes place for the new parents as needed.  The committee sends letters to businesses over the summer before school even starts.  Some donors have specific windows they take applications for soliciting donations.

Program Components

On the day of the “Fun Run”, the students are asked to wear school colors.  Kindergarten students run ¼ mile.  1st and 2nd Grade students run ½ mile.  3rd and 4th Grade students run 1 mile.  There are several parent volunteers who help block off roads for the duration of the run.  Students are encouraged to go at their own pace.  There are students who are competitive and want to to finish first and there are students who walk the entire way.  Teachers run and walk with the students carrying a First Aid kit just in case.  The students begin their run at the elementary and the run ends at the track/football field at the High School.  At the completion of the race, each student receives a plastic water bottle with the school logo on it as well as a snack.  The awards ceremony takes place directly following.

Program Objectives

The objective of this fundraiser is to raise money to support projects/functions etc. that the teachers and school want to provide to students that there is no budget for otherwise.  Based on the stated objective, the goals for the 2017-2018 school year:

  1. The fundraiser will raise $11,000.
  2. The fundraiser will support projects/functions etc.
  3. The fundraiser will support funds toward an electronic reader board.

Evaluation Method

Surveys will be used to gather data.  They will be used to find out both the successful components of the Fun Run as well as areas that may need improved.


Surveys will be given to the students, parents, committee members, and staff including the principal.


The staff at Thatcher Elementary is very supportive.  The hope is for each classroom teacher to administer the student survey in class.  Other surveys will be electronically delivered or sent home with students to give to parents.

Data Sources

The surveys will be a little different for each stakeholder.  All surveys will focus on how each stakeholder feels about the “Fun Run” from their perspective.  Questions will be included in the appropriate surveys to address the goals about the money earned, what projects/functions etc. will be supported and how much money was earned that will specifically go towards the electronic reader board.


As soon as I gather the results, I will put them in this section.


I will use this section to summarize the evaluation report once it is complete.





Evaluation Questions Activities to Observe Data Source Population Sample Design Data Collection Responsibility Data Analysis Audience
Are the funds raised able to support projects and functions that would not be supported without these funds? -Teachers encouraging students to raise money for the school.


-Visually documenting how much money is being turned in with individual classroom posters and a school wide poster in the lunchroom to continue to encourage and motivate students.

The records of funds available for projects and functions before the fundraiser and then after the fundraiser. Accessing the records of the budget allotted for projects and fundraisers as well as surveying students/teachers to find out what projects and functions are/have been funded by the fundraiser. The data will be collected following the completion of the fundraiser. The evaluator will be responsible to perform this evaluation activity. At the completion of collecting the data, the evaluator will analyze and interpret the data to see -The results of the evaluation will be shared with staff members, the principal, and any parents who would like to see it.


-The students will benefit from the results when their projects and functions are funded.



Bonus Activities:



The website that I found that could supplement the content in Chapter 9 is http://www.mnestudies.com/evaluation/writing-evaluation-report-project:  Writing Evaluation Report of a Project.  This website provides a similar guide that Chapter 9 provides.  The website provides all sections required for an evaluation.  Each section is bolded with a detailed description of what is expected when the evaluation report is written.  The website included an evaluation report writing template for MS Word which I thought would be very helpful.  However, when I tried to access it, I was brought to “Page Not Found”.  Overall, this website provides a lot of useful information in writing an evaluation report.