Week 2 Assignment

  1. The project that I am considering using for the Evaluation Project is a project that was just recently funded through Donors Choose.  This self created project is called iPads and Osmos.  Funds were requested for 4 iPads and 4 Osmo kits.  The project was funded in less than a week and the iPads and Osmo kits just arrived.  The purpose of asking for iPads and Osmo kits is to provide STEM activities in my classroom for my First Grade students.  The goal of the project is to provide weekly access to these activities.  The Osmo kits came with 5 different STEM games/activites which include Tangrams, Numbers, Words, Newton, and Masterpiece.  Tangrams provides practice with visual thinking, Numbers helps with math concepts, Words with spelling, Newton with creative problem-solving, and Masterpiece with self-expression.  The expected outcomes of implementing these STEM activities are for the students to have STEM opportunities available in the classroom and to have hands on activities that provide students with a fun and engaging way to learn core subjects and essential skills.
  2. The main reasons for evaluation of this project would be to see how effective the iPads and Osmo kits are in providing STEM activities that result in increased interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  Also, this is a brand new project that has never been used in my classroom, so an evaluation will be useful and helpful to me for the future potential use of the Osmo kits.
  3. While I agree with both definitions, at this point, I subscribe most to the first definition.  I am thinking about this in direct relation to the things that I feel I would need to evaluate in my career.  I am a First Grade teacher, so in my classroom curriculum, lessons, projects, products, and programs would be what I would evaluate.  In keeping with that thought process, the first definition fits with what I need to find out.  I want to find out if something is working, or has worked, and is effective.  That will guide whether I choose to continue to use it, change it, or get rid of it all together.  In saying that, I have not done much with evaluation in the past.  As we get further into this class, the definition that I agree with may change as I learn more.