San Francisco Map Tour

I developed this app in about an hour and a half total.  I found the most interesting part was how quick this app was to build.  My customizations on this app are a tour of a different city (San Francisco), a different image, I added four destinations instead of three, I added a button that when touched brings the user to Google Maps search so any destination can be searched, I added an icon and named the app SanFranciscoMapTour, and I added a song (San Francisco by Scott McKenzie).  The most difficult part was trying to figure out how to stop the music when entering the new search.  I would assume that more than likely the user wouldn’t be searching for San Francisco so there is no need for the song to continue to play.  I finally figured that out, but could not figure out how to restart the music again after pressing the back button.  I plan to continue to play around with it until I do.  I enjoyed creating this app.  I was born in San Francisco and lived about 45 minutes away until I was in 6th Grade, so this was fun.