Reflection of Minecraft Game Modes

Creative Mode

Traits/How to Play/Fun:

In Creative Mode, your inventory is stocked and you are free to roam and create whatever you want.  There is an endless supply of inventory so it truly is up to the player as to what they want to create.  Due to the fact that your supply is limitless and you can create whatever you want, I think that provides a lot of fun possibilities for the users.  I enjoy creative mode the most.  I would imagine that has the most to do with the fact that I am still very much a beginner.  The Creative Mode allows the user to have fun and not worry about having to survive.  There are no mobs or characters trying to kill you which is always a plus.

Educability/Classroom Use:

For the educator that plans on using Minecraft in the classroom, I think that Creative Mode is a good place to have students begin so they can take the opportunity to get familiar with what buttons do what, building structures, gathering animals, etc.  Students can be given tasks to complete and once those tasks are complete, then they can begin the Survival Mode.

Survival Mode

Traits/How to Play/Fun:

In Survival Mode, you have nothing when you first start.  You are literally in survival mode.  The user must find and gather material to build a shelter before dark.  You also need to find food and be careful of your surroundings.  Not only do bad characters come out at night trying to kill you, but you can drown in water and hurt yourself falling if you fall a long way.  Also, if you do have to respawn, you lose all of your inventory.  I learned that the hard way by falling into a hole of some sort that I didn’t realize was as deep as it was.  After collecting materials, a skilled Minecraft player can craft all sorts of different things.  I am not that skilled yet.  Survival Mode provides the user the challenge of surviving.  I am sure that for the more experienced player this mode is a lot more fun.

Educability/Classroom Use:

It would be difficult for the beginner users to play in survival mode right away.  Once they are comfortable with Minecraft in the Creative Mode, they will more likely be more successful in Survival Mode.  Once the students are comfortable, the Survival Mode could be used in groups or partners where collaboration would be needed to increase the chances of survival.  Working with peers in the survival mode would help build collaboration skills among students.


I mentioned many of the differences above, but the main difference between the two modes that the Creative Mode is intended for the user to use their creative skills to create and the Survival Mode is intended for the user to use survival skills to survive.  I think that there should be an option for an Creative/Survival Mode combined.  It would be a great first experience in Survival Mode if you had some basic inventory already supplied.  Not a limitless inventory, just basics to get through the first night or two.  You would still be required to do all necessary tasks to survive, it would just be a little bit more of a comfortable start.  Both modes offer learning experiences.  The learning experiences would depend on the desired objectives.  Creative Mode lends itself more to individual play and Survival Mode seems like it would be beneficial to work together and build collaboration skills.  Both modes offer gameplay that is engaging.  The mode that appeals to each individual user probably depends a lot on your skill level.