Questions About PBL-End of Course

  1. What new perspectives and thoughts do you have after you learned about PBL?

Once you get past the new and overwhelming factors of PBL, such as time involved in creating and/or implementing a project, PBL can change the way you teach.  PBL brings real life problems into the classroom and allows students to use different strategies to solve those problems.  I am always looking for engaging and effective ways to teach.  Now that I have learned so much about PBL, especially the benefits, it is something I plan on using in the future.

  1. What are the advantage(s) of using PBL in teaching?

There are several advantages of using PBL in teaching.  PBL provides a way to make learning effective and fun.  It is engaging and can improve learning.  It can also build success for college, career, and life.  PBL can make teaching more enjoyable and rewarding.  PBL provides students an opportunity to use technology in their learning.  It can connect students and schools to their communities and the real world.  It also empowers students to take charge of their learning by offering student choice.

  1. What are the challenges and obstacles from the teachers’ perspective for adopting PBL in the classroom?

There are many challenges and obstacles for adopting PBL in the classroom.  Time is one of the biggest.  Most projects require a lot of time to implement and a lot of time to create.  Another challenge is effectiveness.  Due to the fact that PBL requires a lot of time, you have to make sure that the project is meeting multiple standards throughout the project as well as covering the content required.  Also, colleagues, administrators, and parents might question the PBL approach since it is something different from what they are used to.

  1. Have you done any PBL in your class as a teacher and/or instructor as a result of taking this class? If you have, how have you practiced PBL? Please briefly describe what you have done with using PBL in your teaching.

I haven’t done any PBL in my class yet.

  1. If you haven’t done any PBL in your teaching/classroom, why? How likely will it be for you to use PBL in teaching in the near future?

I am so new to PBL that I wasn’t prepared to teach it.  Now that I have learned more about it and have created my own project, I am excited to implement my project and see how effective it is and how successful it is.  Since this school year is ending, I won’t implement this project until next year.  I am excited about the opportunities provided for students to learn and explore through PBL.

  1.  How would you use technology to support PBL? Or how would you use technology in PBL? (This could be theoretical or from your own practice.)

Depending on the project, there are many ways technology can be used to support PBL.  It can be used for research, collaboration, creating, and publishing.  PBL can provide students with technology skills that will assist in building skills that will help them succeed in college, their career, and in life.  Even though it is a little tougher at the First Grade level, technology use and practice is important.