Project Search

Some common features that I found among projects that I looked at were that most projects included objectives, a learning target or targets, and evidence of success.  Each project was detailed, well organized, and packed with a lot of tools and resources.  The projects were based on an open ended, driving question.  I also noticed that the entry event, or hook, into the project was an important piece for the target audience.  All projects that I examined used technology in some way.  Rubrics were included as well as an assessment plan for the project.  The projects were all related to real world experiences in one way or another.

I located several projects and I came across a few that I liked.  The one that I thought I could actually see myself using with my students is a project that I found through Scholastic about Endangered Animals.  It wasn’t set up in the traditional format, but you can still understand how it works.  You can visit the link here.

I like this project for several reasons.  My first grade students always enjoy learning about animals.  Endangered Animals would definitely capture their attention.  I like the idea that the students would have access to a lot of research materials through videos.  The reading ability varies tremendously in First Grade.  Some of my top readers would be okay researching through reading, but others would not.  The use of videos would enable a majority of First Graders equal access to information.  Since this project is not set up in any format or layout, it wouldn’t necessarily need adapted at this point.  When I create my project, if I choose this topic, I can make it my own.  I am new to PBL, but using this idea for my project is something I am strongly considering.