Ladybug Chase App

I developed this app in about 3 hours total.  I found the most interesting part was that the aphid would always move to the right and stop at the edge.  Once it hit the edge, it wouldn’t move anymore.  I found the most difficult part was just all of the building of blocks.  My customizations on this app are a different background, a thicker line that track’s the frogs energy, and a game over screen when the frog eats the ladybug or the ladybug’s energy is gone.  I also added a different sound than the typical “ribbit” when the frog eats the ladybug.  It’s more of a slurp.  The picture of the ladybug immediately changes to a dead ladybug after it is eaten by the frog.  On the game over screen, I added a picture of a dead ladybug and then a start over button.  I plan to try to figure out how to have a goal to reach so there is some kind of end to the game.  Instead of a game over screen, it would be a winner screen.  This app was a lot of fun to create.