Interface and Component Design

Here are a couple photos of my app:


Here is a screen shot of the component Designer:

  • What do you plan to have your app user do with this app (namely–purpose of this app)?   How you expect your user interact with this app using this interface?
    • This app is designed as a learning/gaming app.  It is designed to give First Grade students a fun and engaging way to practice sight words.  The game has two modes, one is multiple choice and the other is spelling.  After choosing either option, the next screen will open and a sight word will be said aloud.  The use will then have to either choose or type their answer and then hit the submit button.  If they didn’t hear it correctly the first time, they can press the repeat button.  If they want to hear it used in a sentence, they can hit the sentence button.  If their answer is correct, they will hear a “coin” sound and the word Correct will appear.  If their answer is incorrect, they will hear a “lost life” sound and the words Try Again will appear.  Once the answer is correct, the object is to pass to another player.  This continues until the time is up.  Whoever ends up with the device in their hand, is “out”.  This app has similarities to the game Catch Phrase.
  • What do you like about designing app interface with Component Designer?
    • I like the fact that I can build this on my computer and test the app each time I finishing adding blocks for a specific behavior.  It makes troubleshooting a lot easier when you can check often instead of building the entire app and then going to check it at the end and finding out it doesn’t work the way you intended it to.
  • What you want to do but can’t do with Component Designer during your design?
    • As of right now, there are a few things that I am still working on.  First, I haven’t quite figured out how to get my sentence button and repeat button to update with each new word as it does when you click the next/skip button.  Also, I would really love to make it so their is no way to move on unless the answer has been typed correctly.  I am thinking it might have something to do with disabling the button if the answer is incorrect, but I haven’t quite figured it out yet.  Hopefully I can figure both of those things out because it is a very important part of my app.  The app can still function without, but I would feel much more accomplished with those features included in my app.