Historical People App

I developed this app in about 2 hours total.  I found the most interesting part was just choosing what kind of quiz I wanted to do.  My customizations on this app are a different quiz (Historical People), a different image, I have 2 screens, I added the jeopardy theme song on the first screen with a button to start the quiz, I added a picture for each question of the quiz, I added an applause sound if the answer is correct and a sad sound if the answer is incorrect, I changed the size and color of the text for correct/incorrect answers, I added an icon and named my app HistoricalPeopleQuiz, and I added a counter for how many correct answers.  The most difficult part was trying to figure out how to not allow a question to be answered correctly more than once.  It still adds one to the score.  I still did not figure that out and will continue to work on that.  I enjoyed creating this app.