Hello Puppy App

I developed this app in a little over an hour.  I had some interruptions from my kids, but for the most part, the directions were very easy to follow.  I found the most interesting part was that while I was designing my app, how quickly whatever I did on my computer almost instantly changed on my phone.  I found the most difficult part was adding the sound.  I added the sound the same way as I added the picture, but for whatever reason, it kept giving me error 703.  I deleted my files and added them again and they worked.  To my knowledge, I did nothing different, but it worked.  My customization on this app is to choose a puppy picture and puppy sound.  I also changed the time of vibration for both the click of the picture and when it shakes.  I tried to make it as long as the sound of the puppy barking.  I also added the same sound when it shakes as when you click the picture.  I plan to try to add two different sounds to my design in my next phase of development on this app.  Overall, I thought this was a fun first experience.  It makes me excited to do more!