Final Reflection

Final Reflection

  1. Where am I now, in terms of my own teaching and professional practice and the inclusion of educational technology in that process?  

As I continue to take classes toward my master’s degree in educational technology, I have learned, and am continuing to learn, more than I imagined.  I have many useful project ideas that integrate technology in many different ways.  I have a much deeper understanding of how technology can enrich learning and provide students with skills that they will use and benefit from for the rest of their lives.  After taking EdTech 504, I have had the opportunity to research the different learning theories, old and new, and the impact they have on technology integration in the classroom.  I now see the importance of making sure my personal pedagogy has technology in mind since we live in a such a digital world.  Educational technology is an integral part of teaching in today’s 21st century classrooms.    

  1. What were the most important things I learned this semester?  

I learned many important things this semester, but one of the most important things I learned was the importance of rethinking and reevaluating my personal beliefs.  I need to continue to make a shift from being the one to deliver instruction and all content, to taking on more of a facilitator role.  Technology is a tool that can be used to enrich, engage and empower students.  It is my job to teach my students how to use those tools.  As a First Grade teacher, and I am sure the same goes for all grade levels, there are still times that using a stand and deliver approach is the best choice.  I also understand there are times that it isn’t.  This class has taught me that in order to be the best teacher I can be, I need to be flexible.  Not only do I need to be flexible with my beliefs, strategies, and teaching practices, but I need to continue to make sure that I give ownership to my students when there is an opportunity to do so.  

  1. Did I (or will I) use the projects, skills, or ideas from this course in my teaching, training, or professional practice? If so, how?  

There are not any specific projects from this class that I will use in my teaching, but I will definitely use all of the ideas that I have learned as I continue my teaching career.  As I mentioned before, my personal pedagogy has a direct impact on my teaching.  After my research conducted throughout this class, I have learned about many different theories and how some, more than others, lend themselves to technology integration in the classroom.  I plan on using a combination of learning theories in my classroom because I believe there is a time and place for each of them.   

  1. How was my teaching (or thoughts about teaching) impacted by what I learned or experienced this semester?  

As embarrassed as I am to admit, I don’t think I have ever before really taken the time to thoroughly reflect upon my own teaching beliefs and how they may impact my students.  This is especially true when it comes to technology integration.  This class has really opened my eyes to the fact that I definitely need to make more of a habit out of doing that.  I am in control of how I view technology and how I choose to integrate technology.  A mixture of my attitude and beliefs have a huge impact on many aspects of my teaching.  I need to make sure that I continue to learn and grow.  I also need to make sure that I am always looking for ways to improve technology integration just as I do in all other areas of my teaching.  

  1. Select three of the projects/assignments you created/wrote in this class and read the description of the related AECT standard. Then answer this question: How do these projects/assignments demonstrate my mastery of the AECT standards?  

There were several projects/assignments that may have demonstrated mastery of AECT Standards throughout this class.  I chose the following three projects/assignments to demonstrate my mastery of the AECT Standards:

Project #1:  Annotated Bibliography (Standard 5 – Research)

Through the process of completing the Annotated Bibliography I have demonstrated mastery of the indicator Method by applying research methodologies to solve problems and enhance practice.  I was able to read and research several peer reviewed articles that helped with the research of my final synthesis paper.  

Project #2:  Peer Review (Standard 4 – Professional Knowledge and Skills)

I have shown mastery of the indicator Leadership by helping my peers by providing detailed and constructive feedback on their paper, through the process of Peer Review of the first draft of the Synthesis Paper.   

Project #3:  Final Synthesis Paper (Standard 1- Content Knowledge and Standard 5 – Research)

I have demonstrated mastery of the indicators Using under Standard 1 and Theoretical Foundations under Standard 5 through the research and writing of my Final Synthesis Paper.  I was able to research learning theories and the several barriers, both internal and external, that are part of the reason that technology integration in education is behind.  I found that teacher’s beliefs are a huge factor in technology integration and that in order to effectively use technology to enhance learning, my pedagogical beliefs must keep technology integration a priority.  Throughout the process of researching and writing this paper, I have gained foundational knowledge about the past and current theories of educational communications and technology.