Final Project Discussion

What do you know understand best about Project Based Learning? What do you understand least?

I learned a lot about Project Based Learning.  The things I understand the best about PBL is that it can provide many benefits for both teachers and parents.  An effective project can provide hands-on learning that brings real life problems into the classroom and provides students with an opportunity to solve them.  PBL allows students to take on more ownership in their learning which in turn sparks student interest.  I also understand that creating an effective project takes a lot of time.  This leads to what I understand the least.  I still am having a hard time understanding how to implement PBL projects when they seem to take a large amount of time.  Not knowing how effective a project is until you implement it, is scary.

What did you expect to learn in this course? What did you actually learn? More, less, and why?

When I signed up for this course, I knew it was about Project Based Learning, but that was about it.  My expectation was to learn more about PBL since I knew very little.  I definitely did that.  When I first started the course, I had a better idea that the goal for the semester was to create a project from scratch.  I learned a lot about the process as well as the components that are required.  I learned that PBL has the potential to motivate students in the classroom while still meeting standards.  Overall, I feel like I learned a lot of good information and successfully created my first PBL!

What will you do with what you have learned?

My plan is to implement the project that I have created and see how it goes.  I am hoping that it goes well and it will just be the beginning of creating and implementing more projects.  I am excited about the opportunities that PBL brings to the classroom.

Here is a link to my project.