Buck Hunter App

I developed this app in about 3 hours total.  I worked on it in bits and pieces though because my week was so busy.  I found the most interesting part was how many more skills are being added each time I create an app.  I found the most difficult part was when I tried to add all of the sounds that went along with the misses and makes.  My customizations on this app are a different background and 2 images, where 1 earns makes and 1 earns misses.  I also made it so no matter where you touched, a sound was made.  If you hit the correct target, the buck, it sounds like a rifle being shot, and you get a make.  If you hit a doe, it says “no”, and you get a miss.  If you don’t hit anything, you get a miss and a whizzing bullet sound.  I plan to try to figure out how to add a new screen when you get so many misses and a screen for so many makes.  The new screen for misses would be a Game Over screen.  The new screen for makes would be a Winner Screen.  I also would try to make the images move faster to make it more difficult.  This app was definitely more challenging.