Adaptive Learning Technology with Moby Max

Adaptive Learning Technology with Moby Max

After reviewing the Horizon Report and additional resources, the emerging technology that interests me the most is Adaptive Learning.  A lot of the emerging technologies that I read about seem targeted more for upper elementary students or older.  I was trying to find something that peaked my interest and that I could apply to my own classroom.  Since I teach first grade, a lot of these tools and strategies seem as though they would be challenging for my kids.

What is Adaptive Learning Technology?

“Adaptive learning is a computer-based and/or online educational system that modifies the presentation of material in response to student performance. Best-of-breed systems capture fine-grained data and use learning analytics to enable human tailoring of responses. The associated learning management systems (LMS) provide comprehensive administration, documentation, tracking and reporting progress, and user management.”

Adaptive learning applies to any and all grade levels.  Adaptive learning is a technology platform based on individual needs rather than a one size fits all approach.  As a teacher, one of the greatest challenges that I face is meeting the needs of all of my students.  I think at times we are somewhat forced to teach to a group rather than individuals.  With the use of adaptive learning, I would have an opportunity to provide instruction and remediation based on individual needs.  It allows some students to work on concepts that they need more time with while allowing those students who already understand a concept, to move on.  It is such a great opportunity.

An adaptive learning program that I would use is called Moby Max.  It is a free program that you can use on any device.  Access to the basic portion of this program is free.  There is an upgraded version that costs $99 per teacher or $699 per school.  Since funding is an issue and understanding that my school is already behind in technology, I am going to focus on how I can utilize the free version to its full potential.  The are many aspects of Moby Max that I appreciate, but the fact that it is Common Core based definitely makes it more appealing.  Having a tool to use that is aligned with Common Core standards is a time saver.

Two summers ago, another colleague and I spent hours creating games and activities that aligned with Common Core standards.  The students needed to spend more time on certain standards than the curriculum alone allotted.  We created these games and activities to be used in a small group center.  Most of what we created was done so using Microsoft Word and Teachers Pay Teachers.  We printed what was created, cut out all the pieces necessary, laminated, and then cut out again.  As you can see, this was a lengthy process.  We created over 20 different centers, each having multiple activities to support a specific standard.  The results have been great.  The kids love centers and when we don’t have them, they always seem to ask for them.

As much as the kids love those handmade centers, replacing them with Kindles and the implementation of Moby Max is a no brainer.  As of right now, the first grade only has 16 Kindles to use.  However, there is a possibility of getting enough Kindles during center time, if that is coordinated with other grade levels.  I will be able to reach the redefinition level of the SAMR model with the use of Moby Max.  This will give my students individualized instruction with immediate feedback while tracking student progress.  These are tasks that are previously inconceivable.

Here is an example and a little more detail on what this will look like in my classroom.


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