1:1 Computing

For this research activity, I was introduced to Zotero which is a wonderful and time saving tool to help with APA style citations.  I was able to search for peer reviewed articles and add them to Zotero.  It was very helpful in organizing as well as creating mostly correct (had to fix a few minor things) bibliography to add to my annotated bibliography paper.  I haven’t written a paper let alone a research paper using APA citations since I was in college which was over ten years ago.  I decided to research and write my paper on 1:1 computing.  I learned a lot through reading the articles.  What surprised me the most is that before I read the articles, I had a pretty simple way of thinking about how wonderful it would be.  I didn’t think it was as complex as it was.  I thought that 1:1 was great and that it was something that I wanted in my own classroom.  After researching, I found that 1:1 computing is good, but that there is way more research that needs to be done before we can adopt it without any reservations.  One of the articles talked about 1:2 computing which brought up some great ideas about group work and all the great aspects that can come out of working with peers.  I still would love to be able to have access to 1:1 in my own classroom, but using them in groups is a valuable way of learning as well.

Annotated Bibliography


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